Strength & Fitness is run by Luke Wills.

Baby LukeLuke’s passion for sports and teaching sports started at an early age. As a child Luke spent his summers at his mother’s water ski school. At the age of 4 he was taught how to water ski by his brother. Two years later he was already teaching other children how to ski.

Broken Luke
When Luke was 15 he had a terrible motorcycle accident that almost took his life. He broke his tibia in two places, fractured his femur, ripped all the ligaments in his knee and tore his liver in half. Doctors said that he would never be able to do sports again.

He spent 1 month in hospital and the following year on crutches. After, Luke decided to join a local gym to regain the athleticism that he had lost and try to strengthen the muscles of his very broken and atrophied right leg. He immediately fell in love with the gym and worked hard to get back on his feet.

A couple of years later he was fully healed and doing what he loves most, being outdoors and doing sports.Alpine Climbing

chayyaiLuke has spent the past 10 years travelling the world looking for new and exciting sports. This has taken him from the highest peaks in the French Alps, through several martial arts training camps in Thailand, to the depths of the Andaman Sea.

Now he is focusing all of his energy and experience into helping others achieve their sporting goals.

In this day and age where long work hours and fast food are the norm it is hard to stay healthy.

Luke’s aim is to prepare you for a long and healthy life by making sure that you are in an optimal state of Strength & Fitness, ready for anything that life has to throw at you!